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Am I still in control?

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Should I start to worry?

Like the questions in the quiz, again you have only two options: yes or no. If you have answered most or all of the statements with "no" then there’s no need for concern. If you answered yes to four or more of the questions you may have a gambling problem. From now on it is important to start thinking about what gambling as a game does to you and whether you’re still in control. Gambling is primarily intended to be fun. Games like the well-known slot machine, poker, blackjack or punto banco are meant for entertainment and should be a pleasant experience. Experiencing gambling in a positive way and maybe even causing some sensation.

Gambling can become more than just entertainment, fun and excitement. The game forces you as figure of speach to play more and more. A result can be that you play more than you've planned to, spend more money than planned on forehand and maybe even start to feel bad about it. Once you start to twist the truth about your behaviour you might end up having conflicts with family, friends and significant others.

Do you recognize any of these signs, then ask yourself whether you are still in charge and under control.

Am I still in control?

If you noticed that the question above made you feel uncomfortable, you have to start thinking about what gambling actually does to you. Test yourself: the next time you're about to go to the casino, decide not to! And see what that does you. Do you feel annoyed or restless, do you have negative mood and do you keep thinking about playing? Start to wonder if you're still in controle.

If you are experiencing a certain need to gamble which is hard to constrain and you feel forced to gamble, we talk of compulsive gambling.

You're the only one that can change this, no one else than you knows when you loose controle. If you're at that stage, help is necessary. It's of th upmost importance that you developen new skills so you know how to deal with the temptations of the games. It's all about enjoying the game again.

I'm getting into trouble because of my gambling...

Get into contact with HANDS. We're a telephone counseling service and our counselors are experts on the area of reponsible and problem gambling. We can help you finding answers, when it suits you best. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and it's free of charge.

This can be your first step.

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Take the test!

The answer to this question is fairly simple, but clear: it's either yes or no. We'll show you a couple of dillemma's that have the goal of creating awareness and give you insight in the risks your behaviour can have. After all the gambling is about fun and should have any negative consequences. Please answer the following 8 statements.

Question 1 of 8

I am being controlled by the game

yes            no

Question 2 of 8

I've gambled more than I can affort

yes            no

Question 3 of 8

I visit the casino more often than I should

yes            no

Question 4 of 8

I tell white lies about my gambling behaviour

yes            no

Question 5 of 8

I need the casino

yes            no

Question 6 of 8

I hide money from my family members or other important people

yes            no

Question 7 of 8

Gambling has become an habit

yes            no

Question 8 of 8

Usually I play by myself

yes            no

Test results

If you've answered "yes" to more than half of the statements, you have to be honest to yourself. You're at risk! To put it mild you're not in control anymore, because you're losing yourself to the game. The risks that come with situations like these are (among other): the game controls you instead of the other way around, you've lost the overview of your financial situation, problems arise at work and / or at home, more and more you're on your own, people around you lose trust in you and you can get depressed.

However, it does not have to come this far. Make sure the game stays fun en act in time if you start to notice that this is no longer the case.


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